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Stetsonia coryne (Toothpick Cactus) x30 Fresh Seeds

Stetsonia coryne (Toothpick Cactus) x30 Fresh Seeds

Stetsonia coryne (Toothpick Cactus)

• x30 Fresh Seeds

Stetsonia coryne, the 'toothpick cactus', is the sole species in the cactus genus Stetsonia. Also a 'ceremonial' & 'Active' cactus, the plant is native to the deserts and dry forest (Gran Chaco) of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

Many travel to the hot desert regions of Argentina to view these striking plants.

Stetsonia coryne grows into a massive, tree-like columnar cactus, growing to a height of 15 to 25 ft (4.6 to 7.6 m) tall.

Each areola sports between 6 - 9 spines of unequal length. Spines range from 2" - 4" in length, are straight, sturdy and sharp enough to be used as toothpicks ("Toothpick Cactus"). Stems are deeply ribbed. New growth is first purplish to blue-green, turning olive green with time.

The Stetsonia coryne sports stunning, showy and large flowers. Flowers take on a unique white/tinted pink color. Despite opening at night, the flowers remain open until mid-morning. Blooming season occurs between spring to summer. Fruit is edible.

The fruit of this species is edible! Fruits appear during the later summer months. Skin is smooth and has a lemon-like flavor. The black seeds within the white pulp are usually cooked, but can be eaten raw. Animals extract water by chewing on the the body of this cactus. Additionally, this species is used as living fences, spines are used as needles and its wood is used to make furniture.

The genus was named to honor Francis Lynde Stetson, a New York attorney and plant lover.

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